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Estuary Edibles

What to find in an estuary

Estuary Edibles


There’s nothing quite like being on an estuary, especially in a boat! There are so many tasty treats if you know where to look, from wild plums, marsh samphire, sea blight, fish such as grey mullet, gilt head bream and the occasional mackerel as well as shellfish like cockles, oysters, shrimps and prawns. With coastal conditions; salt tolerant plants plus brackish water and silty sandy mud, you get the best of everything.
Unfortunately, I can’t tell you my favourite estuary but when we go camping there, I have found bilberries, plums, blackberries, puffballs, chanterelles, cockles, oysters, shrimps, prawns, large mussels, sea beet, marsh samphire and mullet! Quite a feast!! With a campfire, a glass of wine and good company, you can’t get much better than that!

As always, be sure of your identification before picking. Also, with water quality, tap in to your local water company to check for sewage alerts or local social media groups. Research the areas you wish to forage as, especially in parts of Cornwall, historical mining or industrial use can lead to long term contamination of areas.

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