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River Cottage

Sarah Jones

11 Mar 2024

Coastal foraging At River Cottage

Expert forager and author of the Never Mind the Burdocks book series, Emma Gunn will show you how to safely identify and gather food from the shoreline, beach and sea with respect and responsibility for the environment. Depending on the season and location, you may find shellfish, several varieties of edible seaweed including sea lettuce and dulse, and various edible seashore plants, such as sea spinach, samphire and Alexanders.

You’ll also enjoy a delicious two course seasonal forager’s lunch at River Cottage HQ prepared by our chefs. During your time at the farm, Emma will tell you more about the seasonal bounty you have picked, the rules of foraging and conservation, and how to find, identify and use some of the more unusual and lesser found species.

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